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The semester is well on its way in this season of light and King Cakes.  Join us for Supper in the Chapel’s Prim Smith Hall at 5:30 p.m.; at 7 pm, for Holy Eucharist in the Church. Come and see!

For this Epiphany season,”Behold!” in English really means “Stop and See! Look!”  It is one of those little Biblical words  that has become too familiar – we slide over it, miss it as a result.  “Behold!” is all over the Scriptures in Epiphany.  Indeed, it is the whole point of this season of light – “Take a Look!!” all the way through Carnival, in this new semester for Tulane and Loyola Universities- let the light shine!!


Sunday Services

10 am Holy Eucharist with Fellowship and Sermon Discussion Following

5:30 Holy Eucharist with Dinner Following


5:30 pm     Supper in the Prim Smith Hall in the Church

7:00 pm     Holy Eucharist in the Church


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